CAPTAIN FANTASTIC // A father who is determined to raise his children in the forest and away from society is forced to bring his family into the real world. Removed from his self-created paradise, he finds his ideas of freedom and family challenged. Bryanna worked in the art department of the project from pre production through production; set decorating, prop dressing and creating as an art production assistant.

Brye Zhane Brand Video // This short video is visual only mini motion piece for the website rebrand of | Containing sneak peak shots of short films, photography, art direction, motion graphic as well as branding design 

REPLAY // Places and things can hold much more than memories, they can fully send a reel of emotion encompassing a full story of a time and place in our lives. "Replay" is a student independent short film focusing on the stages and phases of love as well as the process that takes place when we encounter imagery that holds so much memory and emotion that it sets a full story into motion. Screening Coming Soon!

McDonalds Secret Sauce // Director: Keith Rivers. Workhouse creative; Image pulling, rights obtaining and some photo editing 

Projections // Artistic experimental student piece using projected imagery juxstaposed with HD textured footage 

Design BFA Final Capstone Project: "Engage" is a narrative based short film for a social change. The film's purpose is to inspire audiences to take time for those who are put in our lives and avoid becoming fully consumed by the distracting elements of modern society or the sneaky scenarios of life i.e school, work, success, social media, money, etc.

"If This Is It"// Russell Wilson’s letter to Peyton Manning in The Players' Tribune written by: Russell Wilson directed by: Keith Rivers narrated by: John Koenig music: Caleb Buse. Image pulling, rights obtaining, photo editing 

REEL 2016 // Motion Design Reel with Production Design, Editing, Art department and Montage Work by Bryanna Jones.