Brye Zhane Jones is a visual and performing artist with a focus in art direction and production design for film and media. Originally from Seattle, they now reside in Brooklyn NY after graduating a year early with a BFA in Motion Design from Cornish College of the Arts. 

Brye has simultaneously worked in the commercial film industry as well as multimedia and social media design agencies. In 2014 they worked in the art department for the Golden Globe and Oscar Nominated major motion picture feature film “Captain Fantastic”. In 2015 they followed both their production and performing passions and moved to Florida, working for Walt Disney World Entertainment. They have since worked freelance in multimedia design and art direction for a wide range of clients and industries. They recently were selected as 1 of the 200 finalist out of over 2655 applicants worldwide to be enrolled in the 2017 Art Direction Mastered Accelerator Program based out of the UK.

As a genderqueer African American art director and integrated designer their personal work often focuses on exploring the strength and beauty of the POC and LGBTQ communities' experiences and expression. Their passion is using storytelling as a tool to bring awareness to diverse cultures and lifestyles. 

Their favorite hobbies aside from work are traveling to strange and unique places they’ve read about, watching Bob Ross videos, dancing, and vlogging & creating art with their husband Nick Vogl.